Motor Salvage

Motor Salvage Irl. provides nationwide salvage services including salvage recovery, storage and disposal.

Each vehicle is collected promptly and professionally and our drivers pay all negotiated charges if necessary.

Heavy Goods Haulage
We provide a nationwide salvage service for all vehicles, HGV’s and Machinery.

Vehicles are stored in secure storage compounds nationwide.

Motor Salvage Irl. is an Approved Treatment Facility in accordance with The Waste Management Act 1996 & Waste Management (Amendment) 2001 and The Waste Management (Permit) Regulations 1998. All end of life vehicles are processed and disposed of in accordance with the Waste Management (End-Of-Life) Regulations 2006, through our network of licensed facilities. Each vehicle is de-polluted removing all hazardous materials. The vehicle is then compacted and the shell sent for further processing and recycling. Certificates of destruction are then issued in line with legislation.